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The Local Burger

My husband and I have been kind of Local burger-obsessed this summer and on a quest to find the perfect combination of toppings (well, I confess, it’s probably more me than anyone).

I think we’ve gone to the bar every other week to get burgers. Gulp. Don’t tell my doctor.

And apparently, we’re/I’m not the only ones/one enamored with the custom-built burgers.

Since opening in mid-June, the Town Square restaurant has sold so many burgers that when sales hit 10,000 they decided to start a little competition. Whoever orders the 15,000th burger wins lunch for two. (As of Thursday afternoon, they had sold about 12,440.)

So what makes this burger such a stand-out? Well, if we had included it in our first issue, we probably would have called it The Homegrown Burger. Whenever Local needs beef for their burgers, chefs Will Bradof and Paul Wireman simply text valley rancher Chase Lockhart, who gets a cow (grass-fed, of course) from his family’s Lockhart Cattle Company in South Park.

Local’s chefs do the butchering in-house and grind the meat to create the quarter-pound, all-beef patty. That’s served on a Persephone bakery bun with house-made mayonnaise. Talk about knowing the source!

For $7, you can get a single (doubles are $9, and triples are $12). A buffalo burger option is $14, and the steak burger is $18 (someone told me this was the best burger she’s ever tasted).

For an additional 50 cents each, you can choose from these toppings: Cheeses (American, white cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, Brie, Idaho bleu) Toppings (red onions, tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, caramelized onions, jalapenos, crispy onions, fried egg, foie gras (+$3) )

So far, here’s my pick for favorite combination: Single with white cheddar, tomatoes and crispy onions. My husband goes for a single with white cheddar, bacon and tomatoes.

But we want to know before the 15,000th burger is sold: What is your favorite combo?

By Cara Rank of Dishing